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By using this website (the Website) you agree to use the cookies in accordance with the cookie policy. With your first visit on the Website –, a pop-up window with this information will appear. The pop-up will not appear on your next logins, but you can withdraw your consent at any time by following the instructions below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. These cookies are redirected back to the original web domain on your next visits from that domain. Most web pages contain elements from several web domains, so when you visit the Website, your browser may receive cookies from several sources.

Cookies are important because they allow your device to be recognised. Cookies allow you to effectively navigate pages and remember your preferences. They can also be used to adjust ads to your preferences by tracking your browsing through websites.

Session cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser, and persistent cookies remain on your device after the browser is closed.

Disabling cookies

If you do not agree to use cookies on the Website, please, disable them by following the instructions of your browser here. Disabling cookies may disrupt some of the applications on the Website.

When the cookie creators’ organisation provides an automated deactivation tool, the name of that organisation is followed by a description of the category of the defined cookies with a link to the automated deactivation tool. In all other cases, we list the names of the cookies as well as their source at the date of this Cookie policy, so that you can easily identify and disable them through your browser tools if you wish so.

Some browsers allow you to signal that you do not want your activity on the Internet to be followed. Disabling tracking may interfere with certain applications of the Website and the services provided on the Website.

After your first visit on the website, the cookies we use may be changed. This cookie policy will always give you the opportunity to find out who and for what purpose cookies are set and give you the means to disable them, so you can check it periodically.

What type of cookies does use?

Performance Cookies

We use analytics cookies to analyse how our visitors use the Website and to monitor the effectiveness of the Website. Using them we provide a quality experience by personalising our offering, identifying and solving any problems that arise. For example, we may use performance cookies to track which are the most popular pages and which is the most effective method of linking the pages. The information collected from these cookies does not link to your personal information from us or our counterparts.

The Website is currently using the following analytics cookies [by Google Analytics]:

Cookie name Source More info
-utma Google Analytics

Use of IPs and blogs

We can also use your IP address and browser type in order to help diagnosing problems of our server, to administrate the Website and improve the service we provide. An IP address is a digital code that identifies your computer in the Internet. Your IP address can also be used to gather broad demographic information.

We can perform an IP search to determine from which domain you come from (such as to refine our users’ demographics.

Cookies policy does not cover third-party websites

Please, note that this cookie policy does not apply to and we are not responsible for the privacy practices of third-party websites that may be linked to the Website.

Changes to cookie policy

We may update this cookie policy, thus, we recommend reviewing it periodically. This cookie policy was last updated in November 2019.

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