Europe was still split in two — the Berlin wall separated families, friends, relatives. The wall, built by people to divide people, was more than a physical barrier.

East of it there was a regime restricting freedom of speech, access to education and information and career opportunities.

It made simple things, such as the movie you are now going to watch, unthinkable.

Eastern bloc kids collected Western candy bar wrappers.
Outdated catalogues from the West were kept as coffee table books or fashion magazines. In a world full of grey, the colorful Western waste was treasure.

Those times are gone, but must not be forgotten.

To commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, we invite you to the online premiere of “The Sweetest Thing”, a short documentary marking 30 years of freedom.

Watch trailer here.

Companion Songbook

It’s not an official soundtrack but a playlist to help you feel how life sounded back then.

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Welcome to
the Corecom store

Corecom was a chain of hard-currency stores back in the Communist days providing goods imported from the West. They were inaccessible for most Bulgarians because the national currency, the lev, was not accepted at the stores. Anyone purchasing goods at Corecom with unauthorized foreign currency ran the risk of being investigated by the authorities.

Find the clickable images in the photo, pick your sweetest thing and shop from our digital Corecom store.

DISCLAIMER: The photographs are not used for commercial purpose. All product images are for illustrative purpose only.

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Find the clickable images in the photo, pick your sweetest thing and shop from our digital Corecom store.


Imported goods, inaccessible back then, are now just one click away. Now you can find them in any store, anywhere in the country, and you can even purchase them online to be delivered at your door.

Let’s cherish and protect the freedom and diversity we’ve enjoyed for 30 years now.


with the participation of
Anastas Nedev, eng. Boris Haralampiev, Boris Tsanov, Gergana Dimitrova, Ekaterina Konisheva, prof. Ivan Barzakov, Irena Taneva, Siyka Kelbecheva, Stoyanka Gruicheva, Tatyana Tsarvoulanova, Todor Traychev

written, filmed and directed by Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov

edited by Gergana Zlatanova

sound design by
Momchil Bozhkov, BFSA

production manager Neda Milanova | assistant director Petya Ivanovа | assistant cameraman Mihail Ilievski | sound by Mihail Ilievski | production assistant Kevork Vanlyan | producer’s assistant Nelly Rousseva | produced by Martichka Bozhilova

idea by Tribal Worldwide Sofia
Dobromir Dzhurov, Elina Krasteva, Erkan Gyumryukchiev, Ivan Hadzhivelikov, Ivelina Gicheva-Nikolova, Yordan Zhechev, Samuil Terziev, Tsveta Dobreva

song This Wonderful World
lyrics by Bogomil Goudev | composed by Czesław Niemen | performed by Pasha Hristova

special thanks to prof. Ivan Terziev, Angel Trifonov, Valeri Gyurov, Vatko Beshliev, Galina Altimirska, Veterans of Culture and Art House, Ivaylo Dimanov, Roza Genova,

This film was funded by a grant from the United States Department of State. The opinions, findings and conclusions stated herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the United States Department of State.



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